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Hammers have been in existence for over a million years and is accepted as one of the oldest work tools ever known to man. It has served humanity for a long time as a weighted object that is used to do a variety of things from breaking objects to building and construction. In modern times, hammers are used mostly as household tools and are a part of many homes. No toolbox is complete without a hammer, and with this in mind, we want to look at some of the best hammers on Sejil Store for your home or workplace.

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Welding Hammer

Easy to clean and remove slag from your welds The hammer head includes both flat and spike sides.
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Rubber Mallet Hammer

SEJIL has a reputation for excellence, reliability and innovation; it manufactures high quality power tools which are engineered for precision and durability. This hand tool is engineered to strike an object without damaging it. The front is made with a durable rubber which provides seamless repairs.
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